My photographs range from sporting events and cityscapes to wildlife and landscapes. If you would like a certain view, a special place, local wildlife, a sporting or special event photographed, I would love to capture it for you.

My ever growing online gallery of prints is available for your viewing and purchase. Whether it be for your home or office, to decorate 1 room or 100 rooms, residential or commercial, my goal is to ensure that you are supplied with the highest quality custom prints available.

The studio of my choice is the great outdoors, however, I am willing to work with you to achieve your goal. I am always traveling locally to find interesting scenery and wildlife to photograph. If you know of a spot I could photograph wildlife such as deer, fox, birds of prey or other interesting creatures please contact me.

Years ago while serving in the Navy, I spent a lot of time photographing the different countries I visited. Over the years I have developed a passion for photographing wildlife and more recently I have the pleasure of photographing my kids’ sporting events and family functions.

I was being asked by so many people that in July of 2013 I created “Pictures by Bruce LLC.” I am continuously evolving and growing with my photography and with your support, I hope to continue growing for years to come.

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Thank you for visiting my web site!

Bruce Morrell